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Oak Firewood

Jackrabbit Oak Firewood is here to meet all the firewood needs of Siren,WI and the surrounding area in Wisconsin. We have lots of firewood.

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Custom Milling

Jackrabbit Firewood Can do custom milling and Firewood Processing for you in our yard or in your yard ...

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Firewood Delivery

Jackrabbit Oak Firewood offers firewood delivery to residents of Western Wisconsin region. When you order wood from me, I will...

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From BBQs to Boilers, Jackrabbit Firewood has a wide range of firewood types to meet all your needs.

Welcome to Jackrabbit Firewood

As the owner and operator of Jackrabbit Firewood, I have served the Siren, Wi area’s firewood needs for many years. My firewood is of the highest quality,  so you can trust that it will keep you warm for many hours. I cut and split every piece of wood I sell, which helps me guarantee that you get nothing but the best pieces possible.

My wood is oak and is available in any amount from bags of kindling, bundles, tubs, pick-up loads and any mesurement 1/4 cord fireplace cord and up  thru  as many cords you might desire. My prices are the lowest in the area.

Whether you come to my firewood yard or I deliver it to your home, you can be confident that I will work quickly to ensure you have what you need as soon as possible. You have two options: you can pick up the firewood from me, or I can deliver the firewood for you at a reasonable rate. Firewood delivery includes unloading the wood but you will have to stack it.

If you need firewood for your wood stove, for bonfires, a back yard fire pit or for cooking on a barbecue, give me a call and discover how I can meet your needs. I work fast and offer the best prices in town



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