Jackrabbit Oak Firewood & More

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Jackrabbit Firewood is here to meet all the firewood needs of Siren,WI and the surrounding area in Wisconsin. We have lots of firewood for sale by many size packages. We offer Oak Firewood, any amount  from bags of kindling, bundles, tubs, to Pick-up loads and any measurement 1/4 cord Fire place cord and up thru as many cords you might desire. 

As of now we are only selling in WI. Call Today (715) 349-8730 for pricing. For delivery, the first 10 miles are free, call for quote for additional mileage.

All of our wood is split in 4" to 8" diameter sizes. Other sizes can be special ordered, just call us.

Mixed firewood is a special order, call us and let us know your needs.

We have green, air dried or kiln dried wood.

All of our wood has been dried for maximum heating efficiency. 

When you decide to order wood from me, I will talk to you about your specific needs. I need to know what you will be using the firewood for so I can ensure you get the right-sized logs and the right amount. If your wood stove is small, large logs are not the right choice for you. If you are using the wood for campfires, bonfires, or cooking, then I can suggest the best type for each of those uses. I am here to ensure that you get the wood that best suits your wants and needs.

We can deliver your firewood but you will need to stack it yourself. The first 10 miles is free. We have trailers for this to handle 1 to 2 cords at a time.

When you need firewood for whatever reason, 

place your order with Jackrabbit Firewood. 

You will be glad you did!